RELAXING You will be massaged from head to toe DEEP TISSUE Deep massage to relieve muscle tension 4 HANDS Be guided by the harmony of our movements for four hands HOT STONE Body massage with hot stones, a sensation of envelopment by the heat THAI Chain stretching and pressure in order to release tension and balance the meridians. (Practiced in soft pants or shorts) THAI REFLEXOLOGY Massage and foot pressure to the knee, stretching. Provides relaxation and lightness PIJAT KEPALA balinese Release the mind and the tensions, massaging the upper back, neck, head and face. Practiced sitting and lying. PIJAT BALI balinese Relaxing and invigorating its gestural movements combining elements air, fire, water and earth, Balinese massage allows the body to remove toxins, purify the body and to find unity in itself. 7 CHAKRAS Bring serenity, soothing tensions and conflicts. Back to inner calm, peace and harmony. SHIROTCHAMPI Massaging the neck and face to face in the skull in order to pacify, to calm the mind and lead to an overall relaxation of the body. ABHYANGA Stimulate the body by balancing the three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha in order to eliminate toxins. Massage the whole body with warm oil. MARMA Gentle stimulation of the whole body of Marma points to promote energy flow and re harmonize body and mind. CHAVUTTI THIRUMA Combining this with gentleness and deep pressure massage and Indian ancestral movements of the feet slipped on the entire body. This treatment invigorates, restores flexibility, tones the internal organs.

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